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Through my lens

My first taste of photography was back in 1979 as I worked towards a degree in graphics technology.  In those days, there was no digital, just film.  Watching the images appear in the chemical bath was such an exciting process.  I fell in love with the experience. Soon after my college days, I chose a different path and found expressing my creativity through floral artistry very rewarding.  I worked in that field for 25 years and loved every moment of it.  The focus of flowers, not film, unfortunately pulled me away from photography. I have since entered into the world of business and my creativity took a back seat to continuing to make a solid living in management.  Six and a half years ago, I met my life partner and he encouraged me to pick up where I had left off so many years ago looking through the lens. Photography had become a different world than what I had experienced so many years before, but I fell back into love with capturing the many gifts that surround me.  Sharing those images with others affords me great happiness and I have once again begun to record the world through my lens.



In March of 2015, my image, "Window on a World" was awarded 2nd place in Yankee Magazine's “My New England” photo contest.

In September of 2015, I was honored to be asked to donate a few pieces of my work to the stunning gallery at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.



To purchase prints, contact:

beverlybooher@gmail.com | 440.382.9200